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Disclaimer: if you’re more of an Ebenezer Scrooge and less of a Tiny Tim, you probably won’t enjoy this post. Cheers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

To me, tomorrow truly kicks-off the holiday season. It’s with great anticipation that I welcome the holidays every Thanksgiving. That’s when I feel it’s finally time to start listening to Christmas music, decorating the house, baking yummy treats, and it’s always worth that extra wait.

It’s a shame to me that in the past few years (or maybe its been even longer, who knows?) our society’s way of celebrating the holidays has transformed from maybe what is now considered traditional, to a frenzied, hectic and stressful time of year. This year, Black Friday is interrupting Thanksgiving Dinner, with lots of stores opening up the night of Thanksgiving. Isn’t that the opposite of what Thanksgiving is supposed to be?

I was watching the news earlier this week and a local channel did a segment on “getting through the holidays” as if this time of year is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. I don’t want to be insensitive. I know it can be chaotic hosting gatherings and parties in your home. I know the sentiment this time of year can make dealing with personal loss or tragedy even harder. But what happened to slowing down, being kind and sharing the holiday spirit with one another? Maybe I sound naive or even phony typing that today, in 2013, but it’s really how I feel and how I hope to always approach this season.

On Facebook I’ve noticed people counting down the days until Thanksgiving by sharing what they’re thankful for each day. I’ve enjoyed these posts and when reading them, I’m reminded by the power social media, and hopefully tiny little websites like mine, have for good.

However you spend it, enjoy tomorrow and know that in some way, small or large you have reason to be thankful.

1. I’m thankful for Shadow. We don’t know this guy’s story but wow, what a dog. It took him two days to get close enough for Richie and I to put a leash around him. But once we had him he didn’t want to stray very far. He loves people and loves to play. I’m so thankful we were able to give him a home and a family.


2. I can’t mention one dog without mentioning the other. Indy is a diva, but I love her. I think she’ll always be a lap dog no matter how big she gets.


3. I’m thankful for my younger brothers. The three of us could not be more different, but when we’re together there is no shortage of laughs – usually from old SNL impressions. Plus, moving back home this summer has been much more fun with my 14-yr-old brother around to harass.

4. I’m so lucky to have supportive parents. They are patient through and through and the most reliable people I know. Not to mention, they’re pretty fun to hang out with and make decent roommates.


5. The rest of my family is awesome, too. We are loud and nosy and probably not as funny as we think we are, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

5. Richie and I always know how to have a good time. Whether we’re skiing and hiking in Colorado or just watching Breaking Bad episodes on the couch with the dog, I’m thankful to have him by my side. And it doesn’t hurt that he looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, don’t you think?!


6. I’m thankful that my body allows me to run a race every Thanksgiving morning. This has become a tradition over the past few years and it reminds me that I am so blessed to be able to do what I love to do! I don’t take this for granted.

drumstick dash

7. I’m thankful that I’ve always been able to find a job when I need one.

8. I’m thankful for my Butler University education and the people there who helped me along the way.

9. I’m thankful for the mountains and their humbling strength.


10. I’m thankful for mornings like this one, with coffee in my hand and a fire crackling by my side. I love to be busy and moving but there is nothing like sitting at home with nothing to do and no place to go.

11. I have some amazing friends who bring me tremendous joy. We don’t see each other as often as we’d like now that we’re no longer in college together, but I have no doubt we will always be in touch and won’t let a road-trip stand in the way of our fun.


12. They say good friends are like good wine… or something like that. But I’m thankful not just for my friends but for time spent being social with them all, new and old. Sitting around a table, sipping wine and catching up will always be one of my favorite things to do.

13. Wine pairs well with food, and boy do I love some good food. Food is so easy to take for granted. I need to do better about appreciating the fact that I’ve never had to struggle to find food on my table.

14. I’m thankful for good books and taking the time to read them.

15. I’m thankful for walks around the neighborhood with my mom.

16. I’m thankful for snow and sunshine.

17. I’m thankful for music.


18. I’m thankful for the challenges I face because I am always stronger on the other side of them.

19. I’m thankful for Common Ground and the Sunday mornings I spend there.

20. I’m thankful for Christmas trees.

21. I’m thankful for yoga.

22. I’m thankful for ice cream.

23. I’m thankful for random acts of kindness and paying them forward.

24. I’m grateful for those who serve in the military, especially my dad. And am extremely thankful and proud that he’s been promoted to serve in Washington, D.C. as the result of much hard work and dedication paid off.


25. I’m thankful for dance parties in the car and late nights talking in the kitchen.

26.  I’m thankful for old pictures that bring back good memories.

27. I’m thankful for new adventures that the future will bring.

28. And whether I know you or not, thank you for reading this blog. I’m glad you’re here.

Happy Holidays!

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