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Yikes! I haven’t posted a blog since August. What happened to September? Time flies, right?

It’s hard to say what a “normal” day looks like anymore – but here’s a “day in the life”, my life that is, from today, October 1.

6:00 a.m. – Alarm #1 (iPhone) goes off, is immediately snoozed and buried somewhere deep in my comforter.

6:05 a.m. – Alarm #2 (deafening time bomb/alarm clock) goes off, snooze button slapped yet again.

6:15 a.m. – Wake up with a jolt because I’m afraid I’ve overslept (technically, I have), look over at the clock, okay good it’s only 6:15, and proceed upstairs to eat breakfast. I pretty much always eat breakfast right after waking up and if I don’t, it’s probably all I’m thinking about. I wake up starving and honestly don’t function very well until I gulp a huge glass of water, eat some fancy oatmeal and pour a cup of coffee. It’s the most important meal of the day people, c’mon!

bags7:45 a.m. – After assembling myself, a gym bag, a lunch box and my school bag I can finally head out the door. I almost forget my dog, who is starting “Doggy Day Camp” today. Indy and I hop in the car and head out the door to be greeted by lots and lots of traffic.

Indy9:00 a.m. – I get to school, settle into my classroom and check on Indy via the webcam at her day camp (http://videos.bestfriendspetcare.com/Indianapolis_dog_play_outside_video_93.html). I teach second period, clean up the classroom during morning break, then teach again third period. All of my students are working on projects in groups so I just monitor their progress and help them when needed.

ISI11:00 a.m. – I’m done teaching until much later in the afternoon, so I leave school and head to the YMCA to go swim some laps. I’ve got a triathlon this weekend and want to make sure I swim, bike, run and do yoga at least once before Friday (Friday will be a day off before the race on Saturday). Luckily, the pool is pretty empty because who goes and swims laps at noon on a Tuesday? Not too many folks.

ymca12:30 p.m. – Done swimming. Done showering and re-assembling myself. I head out to my car and debate whether I should head back to school to eat lunch or stay out and run a few more errands. I decide on option #2 so I shamefully eat lunch in my car then head over to Keystone Mall.

mirrorI need (want? need? I don’t know) some things from Sephora so I go there and then immediately regret my decision because everything in the store costs $547. It does make me feel slightly better when I get a free gift with my purchase but then I question my identity when the lady at checkout says, “Yay, you’re now a V.I.B!” Is this good or bad?

VIB1:30 p.m. – Gotta head back to school. I saved an apple to eat on the way back but it’s gross and bruised so I opt for a giant McDonald’s Diet Coke instead. Fair trade off? Sure.

diet cokeI get back to school early, catch up on some e-mails, lesson planning, etc. and then teach until the end of the day – 3:35 p.m. On my drive home I realize I’ve heard the new Katy Perry song at least 11 times today and taken more selfies than ever before.

5:30 – Itchy work clothes are off, comfy yoga clothes are on. I’m driving over to Flourish, a studio nearby, for a heated vinyasa class. I’m a little nervous because despite the title of my last blog post it’s been about three weeks since I’ve been to a yoga class. When I come out of the studio about ninety minutes later I realize I’ve left my trunk open the entire time I was practicing… oops.

Flourish7:15 – Home for good. Blend up a protein shake like a bro.

Protein7:45 – After wasting time on the Internet I finally get around to cooking dinner, eggs with some veggies mixed in. Fancy, yes? I hang around the kitchen and spend some time with my little bro (post cross-country meet) who is eating McDonald’s for probably the fourth time this week. I swear McDonald’s doesn’t normally enter my life this much. But hey, like I said, what is a normal day anymore?

RobbieCurrently – 9:43 p.m. – I’m in the basement watching season one of Breaking Bad (behind much?) and maybe an episode of Mad Men after that (I really am just years behind on TV you guys) while I work on this post. I’ll be in bed before 11 because I am old and boring! Good night!


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